If you plan on getting work over the Internet, or through Casting Reps (which is how we get most of our jobs). . .You need to know how to direct yourself for your submissions.


You need to know how to present your performances in a way that will get their attention

and make them want to hire you!


Learning to Direct Yourself is vital in the way we audition today, and is necessary most of the time if you happen to book an in-studio session because most clients will not know how to direct you!


This is the same Workshop I held in LA for my Advanced Students.  It will give you the opportunity to:

                         *Understand how to ask the questions you need to ask to determine

                           exactly what the client wants; not always an easy task!

                         *Modify and/change/or recreate a performance.

                         *Become objective about your performances by learning how to

                           evaluate your Playback.

                                   AND you’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to

                                                 direct someone else’s performance!


You’ll get scripts (beforehand) that were actual auditions online!  You’ll then prepare TWO different performances at home. When you come to the Workshop, after you perform your script, one of your PEERS will give you alternate directions.  Experiencing this process will help you clarify the semantics that a client might use and learn how to communicate effectively!


You can register online at the Registration Page.  Look for “Specials”,  and sign up.


Once you send in your fee, I’ll send you the Scripts. (Send Fee through PayPal

To “Friends & Family” to me louhunt@cox.net)


RSVP as soon as possible, send in the fee and I’ll confirm your spot.