In today’s increasingly competitive VO market, the performer needs to stand out on the audition! Most Agents and Casting Directors realize the importance of Improv and recommend it for the people they represent. 


If you’re serious about Voice-Over, this is where you’ll develop believable and creative interpretations of copy.  Based on Viola Spolin’s Improv Techniques, this class was specifically designed to give the Voice-Over performer new ideas, resources and relaxation exercises that are immediately applied to scripts.  It will give you the very basics of Acting.   You’ll play Theatre Games to loosen you up and learn to think quickly. Then you’ll see how these exercises will give you new inspiration and confidence in your interpretations of copy.  Plus, you’ll have fun doing it!


Facilitator: Elizabeth Blair: “Voice Over is also called ‘instant acting’... The ability to quickly develop the character and understand the character's motivations,  and to react emotionally to the copy will greatly enhance your auditions and make you more responsive to direction!


Most of the time when auditioning or performing for Voice Overs you have to be careful to read the script exactly as it is written. With it's concentration on reading, accuracy and logical presentation, you would think that most voice over activity involves the left--or more logical, precise, objective--side of the brain.  But as Voice Over has evolved, the actor has an increased need to portray emotions as well.


But how do you give that crazy part of your brain the exercise it needs to come out and play when you need it?  What techniques can give you the quick, spontaneous responses when you need them?  Improvisation will give you additional creative and emotional skills to enhance your performance and will add depth and color to your auditions and performances.” 


Elizabeth Blair has over 40 years of training and performance, she brings a wide range of experience and expertise to her teachings. Her training ranges from dance to sketch comedy, improvisation, musicals, Shakespeare, a wide range of acting styles, voice over and more! She has worked with many Grammy, Tony and Emmy award winning performers, directors and musicians.



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