“We each have a Voice Image which pertains

to the Sound

we produce and our Persona. 

The SOUND of our voice is really a tone or attitude,

indicating how we’re feelingat the time

we’re speaking. 


Our self image reflects itself within our voice.

Self Image leads to Voice Image

which reflectsSelf Image!”


from Ted Andrews “Sacred Sounds”

Lou Hunt has been a Voice Over Actor and teacher for 39 years; She started in Chicago, moved on to Los Angeles where she created Word of Mouth Productions, providing Voice Over Workshops and Special Events for 16 years.  In 1998 she moved to Phoenix where she continues to work and teach.  


This is the era of personal communication.  In a world of rapid changes, more than ever it’s the power to communicate our own positive human qualities that influences others.


Our voice is the key to expressing ourselves effectively.  People who use it well are often thought of as charismatic or having a great presence because of their compelling Voice Image, a voice that draws others into its spell.  They have learned how to access the power of their full vocal range.  You can too!


One of the recurring themes that emerged from my clients was the difficulties they had in projecting the kind of "voice" they desired with loved ones or within the workplace.  It became obvious that many of their challenges were similar to the ones we face as Voice Actors.  We have to 'recreate' emotions and attitudes in our work; that means we have to recognize what they feel and sound like. So I thought why not apply those methods to everyday life?   It’s more fun than therapy!


In Voice Acting, we learn to re-create and perform emotional reactions, and in so doing we discover how we sound when we express these emotions.  You’ll learn easy, playful tools to explore how you’d react in various situations and by recording your voice you’ll hear how it comes across to others. I’ll help you identify feelings, attitudes and emotions.  You’ll decide what “images” you like and which ones you want to change; then you’ll start to create different 'personalities' to portray various versions of those voice images.


In the process of "playing" with your voice, recording it and listening, you’ll realize you can use these tools to control the “image” your voice creates in everyday situations.  You’ll learn a great deal about your own emotions, your emotional reactions, your ability to communicate how you really feel, and how to direct those feelings by focusing on what needs to happen in the moment. 


Changing your Voice Image will change your Self-Image

which will change your Voice Image!


I've coached many people from all walks of life to use their voice more effectively, whether it was as a Professional Presenter, an On-Air Personality, Corporate Executive or just a regular person in everyday situations.  Most people find they can create the sound they want!


Just like “Body Language”, the sound or pitch of your Voice is almost always related to how you’re feeling at the moment, or worse, how you’ve been made to feel in certain situations over the years.  If you are unaware of how you sound, you may be relying exclusively on your words to communicate your personal qualities.  Learning to make fuller use of the sound of your voice will increase your impact on others and it could make a difference in your career.


A truly personal voice quality comes from Breathing Fully and Educating your Body to greater sensitivity. Releasing your body and breath will help you develop your  Vocal Strength and that will increase your self-sufficiency, compassion, creativity and mental clarity more than you might have ever imagined possible!


The methods I’ve developed in teaching Voice Acting for 38 years will give you many easy, playful tools to explore your Voice Image and hear how you really sound to others.   In Voice Acting we learn to create and perform many emotions and emotional reactions.  Through this process you’ll learn a great deal about your own emotions, your ability to truly communicate effectively and have fun doing it!  I adapt these tools to whatever you personally need to re-create your voice “image” in whatever situations are important to you.  You’ll start to be able to control the image your voice creates in your everyday situations!


Sessions are $90 an hour.  If you want to learn more

about using your voice effectively or about Voice Over,

please give me a call or set up a consultation.