About Lou. . .

Lou Hunt has been a spokesperson for hundreds of commercials and narrations, since 1972.  She was the First Female Announcer for a Network Soap,  and the First Female Game Show Announcer, as well as the first female promo announcer for NBC, ABC & CBS.

Lou worked  for 14 years as one of the performers for Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch and with Bert, Barz & Kirby.  Lou chaired the SAG Commission on Voice Over with over 300 participants. Her Voice Over Masters class was accredited by UCLA.

She has received three Clios, a First Place Award in the Art Director’s Shows in New York, Dallas & Wisconsin and an first place Addy in Memphis.  Her Masters Voice Over Class was accredited by UCLA.



Lou started her commercial career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Voice Over was mostly done by Radio announcers and local actors.  Her quick acclimatization to the medium brought her enough work within 2 years for her to claim the field as her full time profession.  Moving on into the Chicago market she began winning national spots and very shortly thereafter began coaching other voice over performers and actors. 


In 1981 she moved to Los Angeles and was signed to Cunningham, Escott, Dipene.  She immediately began doing weekly on-air promos for KABC, several national on-camera spots, and over the years won three Clio Awards, an Ad Club Award for the “best personality to fit the product” and in 1998 received an ADDY for a Memphis Hospital Campaign.  She was the first woman to be the announcer for a Network soap, "The Bold and The Beautiful".


In 1984 she started Voice Over Workshops in LA as well as private coaching and demo production.  She quickly became well known for her conscientious development of high standards in teaching and achieved a reputation for excellence in demo production. With overwhelming requests for coaching, she started "Word of Mouth Productions", hiring and training three additional coaches. Lou has chaired several AFTRA/SAG and AFI seminars for Voice Over.   In 1996 she was invited to Nashville to coach some of their top VO performers and in 1997 she began teaching a Master Voice Over Class accredited by UCLA.


Student feedback made it apparent that her teaching involved much more than helping people interpret scripts.  Her coaching incorporated years of exploration in the “Art of Voice Over”.  Her specialty is preparing the student to not only perform effectively, but to also interact positively within the marketplace by developing an inner and outer awareness of the effect they and their voice can have on others. She eventually began coaching political candidates, business executives, on-air personalities and stage actors as well as people who just wanted to improve their speaking and people skills.


In 1987 she developed, packaged and promoted a group of Female Voice Over performers whose demo and package received acclaim for its innovative concept throughout the LA Voice Over Community.  From 1989-1996 she produced a successful series of  “Voice Over Special Events”, which brought together highly acclaimed performers, coaches, producers and agents to teach one day workshops for the Voice Over community.  She has developed several specialty VO classes some of which are:  “Audition Techniques”, “Women in Voice Over”, “Improv for Voice Over”, “Actors in Voice Over” and “The Peer Group”.  Through the years she gradually recruited and trained other facilitators to continue her method of teaching

which eventually became Word of Mouth Productions.


In 1998 she moved to Phoenix and in 2002 she developed a new class for women called: “Creating Your Voice Image for Women” which she taught at Scottsdale and Pima Community Colleges and now teaches privately.  In 2004 she produced a unique CD and Website called "Arizona Voice Coalition” featuring her advanced students, to provide them with access to new clients.   From 2005-2008 she developed a "Voice Effectiveness" workshop for ASU Radio and Television Communications students.  She has since presented the same workshop for various corporations and businesses.


She continues on-going Voice Over Workshops in Arizona providing students with complete instruction in the Voice Over profession, from beginning to competitive performance, as well as how to market themselves, both locally and via the Internet.  Lou also provides instruction in other cities through her program: “Voice Over by Mail”.